Atomize & Cloudbeds

This article explains the required steps to connect your Cloudbeds account to Atomize.

How to sign up for Atomize

To sign up for Atomize, you need to contact us by using the form Atomize Demo or by emailing We will get back to you and provide you with the necessary credentials for starting the onboarding process.

How to connect Atomize with Cloudbeds for the first time

When everything is set up, you need to connect Atomize on the Cloudbeds app by doing the following steps:

  1. Login to your Cloudbeds account. 
  2. Click on your Account on the top right corner.

  3. Select Apps and Marketplace.

  4. Search for 'Atomize' under Search Apps.

  5. Click Learn more  under Atomize. 

  6. Click Connect App. It will open a page with the permissions needed to use Atomize.

  7. Click Allow Access to accept.

  8. This will redirect you to the Atomize signup form. Click Sign Up!

  9. Fill in the fields and click submit.

  10. The connection process is now complete and the Atomize team will contact you for the next steps to be able to use the Atomize system.

Specific functionality of the integration.

The integration is a two-way, meaning Atomize will read data from Cloudbeds (inventory, reservations and other data), and push/update the prices to Cloudbeds.
Based on data extracted from Cloudbeds and applying AI algorithms, Atomize will produce price recommendations that can be approved manually, automatically or in a mixed mode of both.

There are two options to choose from in terms of how often forecasts and price recommendations are produced. Three times a day or in Real time. This depends on what you have contracted. If you wish to get Real time optimization later on, it is possible to change. 

What are the limitations of the integration?

At the moment, it is not possible to manage restrictions. All restrictions should be managed directly within the Cloudbeds platform. 

How to disconnect the apps?

Please, always notify Atomize support if you intend to disconnect Atomize.

Disconnecting Atomize from Cloudbeds is made from Cloudbeds side. Learn how, in the Disconnect app article.

Note, disconnecting the apps does not automatically cease your existing contract with Atomize. Contact your Atomize account manager for further details on your contract conditions. 

How to get support?

We are happy to answer any questions about the integration or our system.

Atomize support is available via email: and for existing clients via a self-service ticketing portal at:


Read about our most common questions from Atomize users in our Knowledge Base (it is required that you are a client/user).